Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happiness is...

For me, happiness is surrounding myself by people I love and with music.

I was recently planning on taking a trip to Germany for a cousin's wedding, a cousin I don't have any recollection meeting. My father's side of the family is the side that I rarely see or know. I couldn't even tell you some of my cousin's names. I know that sounds bad, but my dad barely talks about family. I know my grandma and the two cousins that have recently moved to New Jersey, one of which is getting married next Sunday. No one really comes to the States to visit and my dad is horrible at planning a trip out. My mom is better at it, but whenever she plans it's dominantly to see her side. I pretty much have no family in the States.

Now that it's more likely that I won't be going to Germany, I get to spend the 4th of July out here with my friends, who have been more of a family to me than some of my cousins in far off places. These friends are the ones who know my every move, my every tone, and every animated expression possible. They give me tough love when needed and tell me they'd come by in an instant if I ever needed anything. Even though I've had my heart and mind set on a German escape for two weeks, spending my time at California now means I can head off in different directions and visit my dear friends. Maybe head to Buck's Lake for the 4th or the ALTimate 4th block party in Grand Park. Oh, the decisions!
Bucks Lake, 2011

It makes me excited to know that I have so many amazing music performances to see. Phantogram for free!? Why the heck not! You may have also read by now that I am going to Outside Lands Music Festival (8/8-8/10) and Made in America (8/30-8/31). Other amazing acts I have coming up include:
  • The Neighbourhood @ The Greek on 7/24
  • Lykke Li @ Hollywood Palladium on 9/23
  • Sam Smith @ The Greek 9/29
  • Lorde @ The Greek on 10/6
  • Alt-J @ The Greek on 10/20
  • The Black Keys @ The Forum on 11/6
Clearly this comes to mind... GET ME TO THE GREEK!
Some may say this is excessive, but this is me. I love concerts. It's probably one of my all time favorite activities. It's not my fault so many great acts are coming up and so close by. Almost all are new acts for me to see, except The Black Keys, but it's ok because I love them. I did buy those tickets with hopeful intentions that are no longer in fruition. Good thing that The Black Keys are so awesome that it took all of 5 seconds to find an awesome concert buddy.

Eeek! I can't wait!! So many great things!
I'm even excited about the Roaring Nights at the LA Zoo!

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