Sunday, April 27, 2014

Jam of My Day: Shooting Stars by Bag Raiders

Happy Sunday!

So...Friday night I started watching Game of Thrones and now it owns my life. My Sunday Funday today involved getting through season 1 and starting season 2. Every Monday morning one of my coworkers comes over and asks me if I watched the episode from last night, and every Monday I say the same thing, "I get it. I need to watch it." I move him right along to have his show recap with my cube neighbor, which of course then sparks the ears of others nearby. Somehow Monday mornings now involve Game of Thrones pow wows at my desk. I would normally tune them out, but tomorrow morning I'm going to ask them to leave. I don't need any spoilers coming at me!

If I could, I probably would have stayed home and vegged out all weekend, but I didn't because it was this lovely lady's birthday!
Happy Happy Birthday, Annie! <3

While out celebrating my dearest Annie's birthday, I got excited hearing this song playing at Golden Road all while discussing our upcoming music festival lineups. I figured it would be safe to say it was the jam of my day.

gave my love to a shooting star
but she moves so fast
that I can't keep up
I'm chasing

Monday, April 21, 2014

Mother's Daughter

I think at some point every girl goes through a phase where they say "I will never be like my mother" to only realize that you're exactly like her and actually value a lot of her quirks. I don't know if I value this quirk I picked up on, but I definitely noticed that I have it. My mother is the queen of guilt trips. She can make me feel bad about anything at any time and twist the smallest thing around. Every once in awhile I have my friends call me out on the guilt trips I unknowingly give them. Little did I know that I do it too. But today... it was different. I extended an invite to someone for the Dodger game that I won tickets to (Dugout Club VIP, baby!). As he texted me back saying that he regretfully couldn't get coverage at work, I couldn't help but feel a bit bummed out about it. I know it's not his fault, but he was the first person I thought of and I got excited to tell as soon as I won. What happens next is when I realized it. As we continued to text, I started to explain how amazing the seats are. This sweet guy was telling me that we can catch another game within the long season, but my big mouth started talking about how these seats in particular are the best of the best. I caught what I was doing and basically had to stop myself. I was moments away of giving this guy a guilt trip on something he had no control over. I'm glad I caught it before I made a fool out of myself. I'm definitely my mother's daughter. SMH.

Have you picked up on any of your parent's weird quirks? If so, what?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fab Finds: Spray Paint Accessory

I don't know about you, but as a millennial we get consumed by social media and the hype around Pinterest. Everyone I know who has a Pinterest account has a DIY pinboard, but do you blame them? It has its own search category and everyone out there is constantly repining all these DIY projects. Once you see one DIY hack, you start to reconsider buying things you've seen pinned. Your immediate thought then becomes, "Oh, I can totally make that." At least I know that I have those thoughts on a daily basis.

It's one thing to start pinning ideas, it's another to execute. I believe I fall into the category of people who are just naturally crafty and accept the challenge of a new project. One of my favorite things has become spray paint. I have over 10 cans in my place in different colors and finishes. After falling in love with the idea of spray painting everything (maybe all the fumes have gone to my head), I started to hate the aftermath of my fingers being covered in paint. As you start spraying, your finger tips get consumed by the paint. Of course with being a newb in this playing field, I knew nothing about how to avoid it 'til one day I came across this bad boy at Home Depot.
Spray Paint Accessory
Easiest purchase decision of my life! Now I can't spray paint without it. To make things better, it's less that $10. Where was this when I started? Could have saved me so much time and effort from scrubbing out gold spray paint from my fingers and looking like a Twilight character glistening in the sun.

Do you DIY? Do you have an obsession with spray paint or have the fumes really gotten to me?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Jam of My Day: Fool's Gold by The Limousines

Happy Friday! Or better yet, it's Good Friday!!

I'm lucky enough to have the day off today. My master plan is to attempt some spring cleaning and crafting. It's so hard to not be lazy. I've already caught up with my DVR on this week's The Americans, Grey's Anatomy, and last night's scandalous Scandal season finale. OMG! I love that show. So Good!

But right now, all I want is some choreg, dammit!! Some good ol' traditional egg-enriched, braided Easter Bread!

Here's an image of some that my aunt in Austria just made. I need some of this ASAP. Really hope my mom made some so I can steal a loaf on Sunday. If she didn't, I'm definitely making a side trip to my besties house to grab a loaf from her mom's batch. No Armenian household goes without choreg on Easter. NONE! And no Armenian family just makes one loaf. That's completely unheard of. Must have some in my belly soon!
One Easter, I will attempt to make this!!

Anyways, here's to the jam of my morning:

Fools Gold by The Limousines

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


#42. Jackie Robinson. April 15th was Jackie Robinson Day. If you don't believe me. Ask Siri.

Still don't believe me? Watch the movie 42. Not the best baseball movie, but still heartfelt.
I love Jackie Robinson Day. Every MLB player wears the number 42 on this day in honor of Mr. Robinson. I couldn't think of a better way to honor the man that changed the game of baseball.

My boo got off the DL! The beard is back!

Jam of My Day: Giants by Bear Hands

Who says every Monday has to be a Manic Monday?

On Monday, I got the chance to check out Bear Hands at The Constellation Room at The Observatory in OC. This band just rocked out at Coachella and is scheduled for Outside Lands. For a concert that was only $15, I had to venture out of LA county to catch this act. Knowing that they're still a small band and written in smaller print on the lineup, they will have an early day set time at Outside Lands, which just means I'm more likely to miss them if I don't get there in time. This made the decision easier for me to just go ahead and catch them now. The venue was small, intimate, and perfect. The bitches brewing next to me may have made me go relatively deaf for awhile with their drunk screaming, but I survived. No real damage was made. 
Definitely a fun band to check out live. #iamlovingyoumore
Giants by Bear Hands

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Book of Mormon

Everything you have heard about The Book of Mormon is true. It is a definite must see musical. I was lucky enough to catch the matinee viewing today and it was the BEST!! I went in knowing nothing about the plot and it was hilarious!! I can understand why people go more than once.
If you're in LA, The Book of Mormon will be at the Pantages till May 11th. You've got one month left to catch this great performance! DO IT!!!

If this broadway play is playing near you, I suggest you catch it. It's a bit on the pricey side, but perhaps you can catch a deal on StubHub like a friend and I did. This is not a kid friendly show, so leave the little ones behind.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Jam of My Day: Stars by The XX

I think I will be posting videos of songs I come across, new and old, that just become the jam of my day.

Hope you enjoy my selections.

Concert Dates

Speaking of concerts, have you ever had a concert date? I had one once years past and forgot how great and awkward it could be. It's always nice to share a common interest and it's very important to me to be musically involved with another person. Not going to lie, I judge people by their itunes playlists and their willingness to try new tunes. If you can't be open minded on new music, you're more likely to be closed minded on many other things that are significantly more important. Just my two cents.

Going to concerts with friends is always fun. There's no judgement, no pressure, just good drinking and singing times. Going to concerts solo is something I will never do again. I once went to see The Lumineers at the Fonda Theatre aka The Music Box few years ago to their first LA show. The anxiety attack I had leading up to the point they got on stage was so unbearable for me. If you're a sissy person who doesn't like to do things solo, I don't recommend going to a concert solo.

Going to concerts with a date on the other hand is awesome. I had the pleasure of seeing Neil Young at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood last weekend and Fitz and the Tantrums this past Saturday at the Hollywood Palladium. Two totally different venues and different experiences, but with the same guy and both such fun dates. The Dolby is a seated venue and Neil Young is just so mellow that it allowed for much cute cuddly viewing. From leaning in to holding hands, the mellow music and seats set the stage for a cozy night allowing us to just watch this great musician perform solo.

The Hollywood Palladium, on the other hand, is general admission, standing room only. Fitz and the Tantrums are no where near a mellow act. This kind of setting allowed for a different kind of concert date experience; one that was cute and a bit awkward for me. The only reason I say that it was awkward was primarily due to the fact that I knew the words to every song, sang along, and danced around. Having him say to me "Wow, so you know all the words, huh?" made me have a girly thought for a second if I was being too much, but I knew I wasn't. That's what general admission concerts are all about! I do have to admit, having a guy hold your hand and hold you close in this kind of setting is also immensely adorable. You stand as one as you enjoy the show, when you're not busy dancing around. It was all so damn cute, I can't explain it. I'm not one for PDA or super romantic gestures, but just holding my hand and enjoying the show with someone made my night. Why haven't I gone to concerts with boys more often?! I love going with friends, but I think I could totally get used to the idea of going on concert dates. ;)

How do you feel about concert dates?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sunday Funday: Santa Monica and Kid Ink

I've done it now. I went to my first rap concert on Sunday. For someone who's been to many many concerts, going to a rap concert was a completely different experience. Many thoughts ran through my head, but mainly, I felt a little out of place. Yes, I had no idea who the artist was. Yes, I don't smoke or do drugs. Yes, I'm not a rap music enthusiast. Yes, I only knew the one song that's on the radio. All of these factors definitely did impact my thoughts about the show. To be honest, I'm really glad I went. There was definitely nothing to fear except smoke inhalation and possible fight outbreaks (which didn't occur near us).

Let me start off by saying, Sunday Funday started off so calm and peaceful. I had purchased a brunch for four deal with Gilt City for The Penthouse @ The Huntley Hotel. I don't say no to brunch, ever. I also can't deny myself of bottomless mimosas or an ocean view either. This deal was perfect. I grabbed 3 of my favorite ladies and headed to a bottomless afternoon.
My Best Babes

After brunch, half of us split ways, but Gareen and I walked down to 3rd Street Promenade since we were right there in the heart of Santa Monica. With some walking and shopping to burn our brunch and sober our numbing faces, we spent the afternoon in the sun.
The best pillow EVER! *Ostrich Love*
We didn't have the most successful shopping finds, so we headed over to West Hollywood for dinner at Sushiya on Sunset then off to the House of Blues for Kid Ink.
House of Blues is a fun little venue. Gareen and I saw Third Eye Blind back in December out there. It's small and quaint. The smaller the venue, the more personal the experience. These two concerts were completely different experiences though. Different crowds, different moods. Third Eye Blind was filled with a nostalgic 90s crowd crying through Semi-Charmed Life with Stephen Jenkins. Rowdy and nostalgic and super pumped. Kid Ink was totally different. It was obvious that kids these days need extra enforcers to enable them to enjoy a show. The crowd was young; drunk and high and rapper wannabes. So much groping was happening all over that it felt like we were at a night club at times. Trying not to feel old lady like, I stuck it through and breathed in the smoke that I couldn't ignore.

One noticeable difference between a rock concert and a rap concert is that there's no encore and no applause. Something I did find extra awesome was that Kid Ink took the time at the end of his show to sign autographs. The music was still playing and he just started grabbing people's hats off the stage and started signing. It moved on from hats to iphone cases pretty fast as the crowd moved exponentially closer to get something signed.
We forcefully moved with the crowd, but as soon as we got up close, the moment had passed. Now, even more determined, Gareen and I stuck around and chatted it up with security and totally became one of those girls. You know, the groupie kind that does what it takes to make something happen. Our new friend, Andre, told us to head up to the Foundation Room on the 3rd floor where we can find him in the dressing room. The other ladies that headed on up there were no way comparable to us. If there was any chance of anything happening, we were the dust on the walls. Due to our overwhelming sweetness and charm, we did have the security guys help us out and have him autograph our tickets. The photo taking option was on a "need to stop and ask him" basis which we failed on due to the fact he was fully clothed and almost unrecognizable as he walked out. Oh, well. A good night's effort in deed.

"I'm not ratchet. I'm in khakis." - La Petite Gigi

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Outside Lands 2014 Lineup

SO SO EXCITED!!! It's released!!! The Outside Lands 2014 lineup is out!

Everyone has a day they look forward to every year, whether it's their birthday, an anniversary, or a specific holiday. In my case, it is definitely the day Eager Beaver tickets are released for Outside Lands and the day of the lineup release. Some have this same feeling when it comes to Coachella, but for me, OSL has been a tradition I've kept (for the most part) with my friend, Nicole, ever year since they started back in 2008. From our first headline act, Radiohead, to our upcoming excitement for Arctic Monkeys, the weekend is guaranteed great times.
The build up and anticipation is one of the thrilling things that gets me through the day. Once the Eager Beaver tickets were released, Ranger Dave went to posting clues on Instagram. It was barely a week of clues, but every time you saw a post, you instantly get giddy to figure it out. Each clue of acts we're fans of instantly sparked mass text threads and of course additional future speculations. The best clue dropped was definitely last night's:
It's not really about one or two acts. It's the whole experience. 3 days of running stage to stage in Golden Gate Park, trying to take it all in... it's the best. Summer is not the same without it.
What do you think of this year's lineup? Are you going to go? If you're on the fence at all, just do it!!! You won't regret it!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Damn You, Florida!

I jinxed myself. Yesterday, I mentioned how if Florida wins the NCAA I would win my work bracket. I had even decided what I wanted to do with my winnings. Such a shame. Still shocked that Florida lost to UCONN in the Final Four. So disappointed. Damn you, Florida! Damn you!

In case you were curious, this is what I was going to get if I won and I had hopes to have it monogrammed. What better way to say I won a work bracket with a bag I'd use for work everyday to remember. 
Transport Tote by Madewell

Till next year, NCAA. Damn you, Florida!!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Because I'm Happy

Spring has sprung and that means two things: love is in the air and allergy season, in which I'm actively participating in both. Well, the latter almost ruined me this past week, as I've been off work sick with severe tonsillitis. Trust me, it has been the absolute worst.

You may be wondering what happened to this girl. I've been meaning to update everyone and have attempted to daily but one thing has been getting in my way... happiness. As cheesy as it may sound, I can honestly say that I'm genuinely in a very happy place right now. Many reasons, big and small, have impacted my mood greatly.

These are some of my highlights from the last few weeks:
  • My beautiful friend, Nicole, came to visit for a weekend of fun! I'll have a special updated posted dedicated soon to show our recap.
  • Met a guy that was worthy of a second date and more.
  • Reached 20% of my Route 66 goal. Unfortunately, I'm behind on my YTD goal but I'm going to try to get back on track soon.
  • Eager Beaver Outside Lands tickets have been purchased! Lineup to be announced on Tuesday and I'm stoked! I love solid traditions!
  • Received a Jawbone UP with my points at work (free) and also won a (free) FitBit Flex in the same week! 
  • Convinced a coworker to become a night time walking buddy. Raccoons, I'm sorry but you're dismissed.
  • Attended a super fabulous Babes who Brunch party, hosted by the beautiful La Petite Gigi. We had delicious dishes and made awesome flower crowns.
    the beautiful babes who brunch

  • If Florida wins the NCAA, I win my work bracket!
  • A marketing associate at work, who is on maternity leave, surprised me with a very sweet note and personal handmade gift that she had shipped to the office to thank me for the diaper carriage I made for her.
  • Received a childhood friend's wedding thank you card with the most sentimental note that had me in tears. I love personalization and long lasting friendships!
  • Talked to my grandma in Turkey and could hear the over joyous excitement in her voice. 
  • Was requested by my relatives that I never see (or may have never seen) to come visit Germany in September for a cousin's wedding. Not only does that make me feel loved but my boss agreed that I could take 3 whole weeks off!! Talk about potential European trip!!!
  • Received an incredibly surprising visit from my friend, Bethany, at my desk! Oh, how I miss the days we sat 20 ft from each other and had late night Bieber jam sessions as we worked through the night. 
    Flashback Friday to 2011 in SF
  • Had my late night curb side chit chat reinstated in person with my dear friend Nestor, who was in town from Texas for the weekend.
  • Helped a childhood friend with referrals who then got my coworker a great deal on a new Benz. The kid is on cloud 9. Boys and their cars...
  • Oh, and it's daffodil season!! 
As you can see, I've been bundled up with great little bits of awesomeness making me happy. Lately, every time I think of the word "happy" I just think of Pharrell, probably because I hear this song everywhere and too often. 

It's a modern day "if you're happy and you know it clap your hands." Well, I'm clapping, figuratively that is.

How do you like my flower crown?

What makes you happy these days?