Friday, April 18, 2014

Jam of My Day: Fool's Gold by The Limousines

Happy Friday! Or better yet, it's Good Friday!!

I'm lucky enough to have the day off today. My master plan is to attempt some spring cleaning and crafting. It's so hard to not be lazy. I've already caught up with my DVR on this week's The Americans, Grey's Anatomy, and last night's scandalous Scandal season finale. OMG! I love that show. So Good!

But right now, all I want is some choreg, dammit!! Some good ol' traditional egg-enriched, braided Easter Bread!

Here's an image of some that my aunt in Austria just made. I need some of this ASAP. Really hope my mom made some so I can steal a loaf on Sunday. If she didn't, I'm definitely making a side trip to my besties house to grab a loaf from her mom's batch. No Armenian household goes without choreg on Easter. NONE! And no Armenian family just makes one loaf. That's completely unheard of. Must have some in my belly soon!
One Easter, I will attempt to make this!!

Anyways, here's to the jam of my morning:

Fools Gold by The Limousines

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