Monday, April 21, 2014

Mother's Daughter

I think at some point every girl goes through a phase where they say "I will never be like my mother" to only realize that you're exactly like her and actually value a lot of her quirks. I don't know if I value this quirk I picked up on, but I definitely noticed that I have it. My mother is the queen of guilt trips. She can make me feel bad about anything at any time and twist the smallest thing around. Every once in awhile I have my friends call me out on the guilt trips I unknowingly give them. Little did I know that I do it too. But today... it was different. I extended an invite to someone for the Dodger game that I won tickets to (Dugout Club VIP, baby!). As he texted me back saying that he regretfully couldn't get coverage at work, I couldn't help but feel a bit bummed out about it. I know it's not his fault, but he was the first person I thought of and I got excited to tell as soon as I won. What happens next is when I realized it. As we continued to text, I started to explain how amazing the seats are. This sweet guy was telling me that we can catch another game within the long season, but my big mouth started talking about how these seats in particular are the best of the best. I caught what I was doing and basically had to stop myself. I was moments away of giving this guy a guilt trip on something he had no control over. I'm glad I caught it before I made a fool out of myself. I'm definitely my mother's daughter. SMH.

Have you picked up on any of your parent's weird quirks? If so, what?

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