Sunday, April 27, 2014

Jam of My Day: Shooting Stars by Bag Raiders

Happy Sunday!

So...Friday night I started watching Game of Thrones and now it owns my life. My Sunday Funday today involved getting through season 1 and starting season 2. Every Monday morning one of my coworkers comes over and asks me if I watched the episode from last night, and every Monday I say the same thing, "I get it. I need to watch it." I move him right along to have his show recap with my cube neighbor, which of course then sparks the ears of others nearby. Somehow Monday mornings now involve Game of Thrones pow wows at my desk. I would normally tune them out, but tomorrow morning I'm going to ask them to leave. I don't need any spoilers coming at me!

If I could, I probably would have stayed home and vegged out all weekend, but I didn't because it was this lovely lady's birthday!
Happy Happy Birthday, Annie! <3

While out celebrating my dearest Annie's birthday, I got excited hearing this song playing at Golden Road all while discussing our upcoming music festival lineups. I figured it would be safe to say it was the jam of my day.

gave my love to a shooting star
but she moves so fast
that I can't keep up
I'm chasing

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