Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fab Finds: Spray Paint Accessory

I don't know about you, but as a millennial we get consumed by social media and the hype around Pinterest. Everyone I know who has a Pinterest account has a DIY pinboard, but do you blame them? It has its own search category and everyone out there is constantly repining all these DIY projects. Once you see one DIY hack, you start to reconsider buying things you've seen pinned. Your immediate thought then becomes, "Oh, I can totally make that." At least I know that I have those thoughts on a daily basis.

It's one thing to start pinning ideas, it's another to execute. I believe I fall into the category of people who are just naturally crafty and accept the challenge of a new project. One of my favorite things has become spray paint. I have over 10 cans in my place in different colors and finishes. After falling in love with the idea of spray painting everything (maybe all the fumes have gone to my head), I started to hate the aftermath of my fingers being covered in paint. As you start spraying, your finger tips get consumed by the paint. Of course with being a newb in this playing field, I knew nothing about how to avoid it 'til one day I came across this bad boy at Home Depot.
Spray Paint Accessory
Easiest purchase decision of my life! Now I can't spray paint without it. To make things better, it's less that $10. Where was this when I started? Could have saved me so much time and effort from scrubbing out gold spray paint from my fingers and looking like a Twilight character glistening in the sun.

Do you DIY? Do you have an obsession with spray paint or have the fumes really gotten to me?

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