Friday, April 11, 2014

Concert Dates

Speaking of concerts, have you ever had a concert date? I had one once years past and forgot how great and awkward it could be. It's always nice to share a common interest and it's very important to me to be musically involved with another person. Not going to lie, I judge people by their itunes playlists and their willingness to try new tunes. If you can't be open minded on new music, you're more likely to be closed minded on many other things that are significantly more important. Just my two cents.

Going to concerts with friends is always fun. There's no judgement, no pressure, just good drinking and singing times. Going to concerts solo is something I will never do again. I once went to see The Lumineers at the Fonda Theatre aka The Music Box few years ago to their first LA show. The anxiety attack I had leading up to the point they got on stage was so unbearable for me. If you're a sissy person who doesn't like to do things solo, I don't recommend going to a concert solo.

Going to concerts with a date on the other hand is awesome. I had the pleasure of seeing Neil Young at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood last weekend and Fitz and the Tantrums this past Saturday at the Hollywood Palladium. Two totally different venues and different experiences, but with the same guy and both such fun dates. The Dolby is a seated venue and Neil Young is just so mellow that it allowed for much cute cuddly viewing. From leaning in to holding hands, the mellow music and seats set the stage for a cozy night allowing us to just watch this great musician perform solo.

The Hollywood Palladium, on the other hand, is general admission, standing room only. Fitz and the Tantrums are no where near a mellow act. This kind of setting allowed for a different kind of concert date experience; one that was cute and a bit awkward for me. The only reason I say that it was awkward was primarily due to the fact that I knew the words to every song, sang along, and danced around. Having him say to me "Wow, so you know all the words, huh?" made me have a girly thought for a second if I was being too much, but I knew I wasn't. That's what general admission concerts are all about! I do have to admit, having a guy hold your hand and hold you close in this kind of setting is also immensely adorable. You stand as one as you enjoy the show, when you're not busy dancing around. It was all so damn cute, I can't explain it. I'm not one for PDA or super romantic gestures, but just holding my hand and enjoying the show with someone made my night. Why haven't I gone to concerts with boys more often?! I love going with friends, but I think I could totally get used to the idea of going on concert dates. ;)

How do you feel about concert dates?

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