Monday, September 1, 2014

Goodbye to Long Locks

Another thing off my summer bucket list completed. Last weekend, after a long awaited appointment, I finally did it. I chopped off my hair!
I said goodbye to my long hair and decided to go big with a makeover! Summer may be coming to a close, but I still went short and light anyway. I've never done something so drastic and never have I colored my hair. I will admit that I had quite the anxiety attack up till the sound of the second snip of the scissors on my ponytail. After the ponytail was gone, I left my look into the hands to my great hairdresser and closed my eyes and let her do as she pleased. My only requests was to not go shorter than my shoulders. I also showed her some mid length inspirations that I had with ombre and balayagel colorings. I was shocked and extremely delighted to see what she did!
It's been a week and I'm still super obsessed with it! This hair honeymoon phase will not be over for a good while.

With that much length taken off in one big swoop, I did the only thing logical. I donated it. I spent quite some time doing my research and came across many organizations that ask for hair donations. Here's my quick summary and two sense on each:
  • Locks of Love - 10 inches minimum. Donates and sells hair to children primarily with a medical condition called Alopecia Areata. 
  • Pantene Beautiful Lengths - 8 inches minimum. Donates hair to women with cancer.
  • Children with Hair Loss - 8 inches minimum. Donates hair to children with hair loss.
  • Wigs for Kids - 12 inches minimum. Donates hair to children with hair loss.
  • Wigs 4 Kids - 10 inches minimum. Donates hair to children with hair loss.
Originally, I had planned to donate to Locks of Love (again) thinking the hair becomes free wigs for kids with cancer. This is the one organization I think almost everybody knows about. If you ask anyone about hair donations, the one thing they all consistently say is "Locks of Love gives to kids with cancer." I found out that not only was it not really free for most, it also didn't go to kids with cancer necessarily.  After reading this article on Locks of Love, I started to research all the organization for hair donations. Many indecisive thoughts later, I decided to donate my 12 inches to Pantene. The idea started to resonate with me more on donating my hair this time to another adult. I was happy with my decision and happy to finally have made up my mind.
Off to a better place...

If you're considering to make a hair donation, do your research and choose the organization that's right for you.

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