Monday, December 29, 2014

Fab Finds: Icy Hot No Mess

If it wasn't for this incredible find, I don't think I could have recovered from the Long Beach Half Marathon I did earlier this year nor the ridiculous biking I've done these past couple of days (see Keeping Resolutions).

I'm new to the whole Icy Hot, medicated muscle relievers, scene. When I found this bad boy at Target, I had to give it a try. It sold me on the "no mess" factor alone. The idea of getting that menthol oily ointment on my hands did not appeal to me at all. I honestly didn't think I would even need it, but my muscles were screaming "what did you do to me?" after the half marathon and refusing to function normally. I didn't even know what to expect from this product nor if it worked. The only thing I knew was the name and rumblings from my athlete friends. It literally went as follows: rolled onto muscles, tingly coolness came over, warm fuzzies followed. The second I rolled it on, I started to feel it working. I may have even been on a menthol high. Can that happen? I was hooked! It was a miracle worker.

Icy Hot No Mess is my new best friend. A necessity for the old lady in me and the challenge acceptor. Bring it on!

Now please excuse me as I rub these on my legs and go to sleep. I've only biked  221.5 miles in these past 4 days. I need functional legs if I'm going to endure a day at Disneyland on Tuesday!

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