Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me!

Last Friday was my 29th birthday and I'm not going to lie - it hurt. I randomly started to cry the night before for no reason at all.

Whenever people say they don't want to celebrate their birthdays, they're all secretly lying. For weeks, I was in denial of my birthday coming up and didn't want to celebrate at all but my best friend wouldn't allow that. As soon as others got excited for me, my excitement grew. It also helped that treats were appearing left and right during the week. 
Oh, and can't forget this great birthday gift. #crueljoke
I always debate about going to work on my birthday, but then I realize I'd rather be surrounded by people than at home and on my couch. Luckily, this day was better than I could have expected. With only 2 real meetings that went smoothly, a holiday team lunch, a birthday cake meeting, and a Finance town hall and happy hour, I barely spent a second at my desk. However, as soon as I made it to my desk, I found myself to be loved and greeted by my new inflatable boyfriend, Pablo. The topper to the day in the office was definitely receiving park hopper Disneyland tickets.
Celebrating in the evening was a definite must. As a few of us headed to Angel City Brewery at night, I was overwhelmed by the friends that came over to help me celebrate. Being born so close to the holidays, your birthday is either forgotten or lost within multiple holiday parties. As I look back at the weekend, I was lost in emotion for the overwhelming unconditional love I received from my friends near and far. USPS was definitely busy that week.

Happy Birthday to Me! Thank you to all my dearests for making it so special. Hello 29!

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