Monday, December 29, 2014

Keeping Resolutions Update #12

Beastmode has ensued me.
I can barely feel my legs.
It's been a crazy couple days catching up.
Procrastination led me to this.
Almost there!
58 miles to go.
3 days remain.
I'm #winning this. 

Oh! Hi, Phil Dunphy! 

To recap for new followers: A 2014 New Year's Resolution challenge of mine was inspired by our very own loved Phil Dunphy. Yes, this resolution was based on an episode of Modern Family. Can you blame me? To prove his wife, Claire, wrong, he was motivated and inspired to keep his elliptical in the bedroom by making a deal that he would go the distance to Canada. I thought this was a genius idea and told my coworker that I was inspired to do the same, but virtually via my stationary bike.

This idea didn't stop there. I decided to venture the distance across Route 66 instead. That's a whopping 2451 miles from California to Illinois! To put that in perspective, Los Angeles to Vancouver is only 1277 miles. That's only half of Route 66! I clearly don't like to start small!

Once my coworker said this was not a realistic or SMART goal and teased at how ridiculous I sounded, I made a bet to prove him wrong. Nothing crazy, just lunch and bragging rights that I'm no quitter. Alas, it's been 362 days of this challenge and it's nearing the end. I, being from Los Angeles, started my journey from California and am on the last leg of Illinois. 97.63% complete.

The end of days and the end of miles. I'm so close I can taste it. Victory will be mine!

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