Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Today is Ash Wednesday, also the first day of lent. This year, I've decided to give up something I have been having way too much of lately... candy and soda. Last year, I gave up soda and survived. When you're a mass consumer of soda, the first few days of going cold turkey are painful. I had a massive headache by lunch time. I had to give up candy, well, because working in a confectionary division, there's candy everywhere. It's always top of mind because that's our job. 2PM had become my average sugar time. My one exception to my candy withdrawal is if I have a work related taste test on my projects only. I mean, how can I believe the cost implications to a flavor or ingredient change if I don't taste it and understand it? Yes, if you didn't know... tasting candy is part of my job. Be jealous.

Here's to 40 days without my daily loves.

Is it Easter yet?

What are you giving up for lent?

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