Saturday, March 22, 2014

Debs Park 4 Mile Hill Challenge

Saturday morning fun! Rough fun that is. My coworker, Christine, signed us up for a 4 mile hill challenge, aka hike, at Debs Park for this morning. I was extremely hesitant because there was a mention of steep narrow trails. I have great fears that I will be that one lunatic who trips on the rocks on the trial and go stumbling down. Alas, that did not happen this morning. We both made it and I'm super glad that I said yes in joining her.

Ready to start!
I hate you, hill.
Top of the Hill.
Change in scenery.
We did it! Medals and all!
Interesting route we took. 
As much as I was scared of these hills, I was happy I conquered it! Now, off to the next one...

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