Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Funday: Fridamania

Frida Kahlo is one of my favorite painters. Other favorites include Warhol, Picasso, and Banksy. A few years ago, I got lucky to catch Frida's paintings at LACMA and absolutely loved it. Frida pretty much started the selfie with her self portraits.
Two Fridas, 1939.
When I heard that MOLAA was going to be showcasing her photos, I told myself I had to be there. Last night was the exhibit's sold out opening party, which I heard was fun. Today was the first day of the exhibit to the public as well as Fridamania Women's Day Festival and I was there for the taking. The site states ample parking, but the streets were packed with Frida fans and lookalikes. We found parking in the near by streets, but as Gareen said, "I believe we are in what they call the 'hood."

We patiently waited in a really long line in 90degree summer weather to enter the gallery. As soon as we entered, I received dirty looks and some scolding for taking pictures inside. Clearly, informing me once will not be enough. Of course I want to get a picture of that picture!
The exhibit is in sequence of photos of family and friends. It's as though someone found her photo albums and brought them out for us to see. The most painful to see were the ones after her injury. Frida was in an accident that had her in a full body cast for months. The pain she experienced was captured by friends and family to show her underlying strength to make it through.
With International Women's Day last week, the display of Frida's photos ignited a need for a Women's Day Festival. Who better to commemorate than this inspiring artist? World calls for Fridamania! There were dancers, food trucks, arts and crafts, drinks, and even a Frida lookalike contest, which let me tell you had a lot of participants. Makes me slightly regret not drawing on a unibrow and putting flowers in my hair, but alas Halloween will come soon enough.
Diego & Frida
Two Fridas. Lookalike Winners.
Fridamania Women's Day Festival was only for today, but Frida's photos will be on display till June 8th. If you're a fan of her work, I highly recommend making the drive to Long Beach and heading over to MOLAA to check it out. There are also many Frida related events scheduled so check out MOLAA's calendar for updates. The museum is open everyday and is free admission on Sundays.
Are you a fan of Frida? Will you be checking out her photos?

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  1. You rebel you! I wanted to take a picture in front of the large print of Frida with a dog, but heard security scold someone else for doing it. Let me know next art/event you plan to go to. I need to get out and explore more :)