Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fab Finds: Cult Gaia Turband

In the Spring FabFitFun subscription box, one of my favorite pieces was this Cult Gaia turband headband.
It was something that intrigued me yet I had no idea how to wear. After some quick and easy research, I realized immediately that this was going to be my most favorite thing to wear.
Depending on the print and fabric, each turband retails between $38-$125, something that is completely out of my price range for a headband.

After wearing it a few times, I wished I had it in more prints. I started having an internal debate on the rationalization of buying one, but then decided to figure out how to make it myself. This is going from a fab find to a DIY quick. After some inspection, I noticed that what makes this turband awesome is the fact that there's a wire inside to help hold and mold it's shape. So, I set out to Joann's for some supplies.

Items needed:
  • quarter yard of fabric (I chose a patriotic print for the holiday weekend)
  • 16 gauge jewelry wire
  • needle and thread
I wish I took pictures of the steps I took to make this myself. My Cult Gaia turband was roughly 39in long and I used it as guide to recreate it. My creation cost me less than $5. Take that!
  1. Get a 1/4 yard of fabric,  and cut a little longer than 39in long.
  2. Fold the fabric a little longer than half way through (about 1cm more). Starting from the folded part, cut the fabric at an angle (like in the pic above). The folded side should measure close to 31in and the outer close to 39in.
  3. Take the slightly longer width half, fold and pin the edge of the fabric over about 1cm and sew a straight line across at a 1/2cm (outer print folded over into the inner print). This small opening is where you will add your wire through later. Sewing this nook will hold the wire in the desired place.
  4. Fold, align, and pin the fabric inside out. 
  5. Sew along the edges on all three sides. Leave about 1in space on one of the outer ends.
  6. Fold the fabric inside out.
  7. Cut the wire about 39in and slip into the nook you created earlier.
  8. Sew the end shut.
  9. Wear fabulously!
Burlap Clutch DIY found here

Are you a fan of the turband headband trend like me?

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