Friday, July 11, 2014

Talin's Wedding

Happy Friday! In the spirit of Flashback Fridays, I'm going to use this day of the week to share with you my recent excursions that I've neglected to post in a timely manner.

On June 29th, I had got to see my beautiful cousin, Talin, get married in New Jersey. The flight to and from was probably the most painful with my recently herniated disc, but it was worth it. Weddings are always a blast and sometimes I think I don't go to enough of them (just watch, next year I'll have 10 weddings to attend).

I got ready early and started off the day by helping out at the house when the bride was getting ready. As the primary trilingual cousin, I helped translate and coordinate day of festivities as they commenced.: think Wedding Planner, but without the ear piece. I secretly loved every minute of it. Due to a lot of my running around, I didn't capture as many moments as I thought I did. 

Here's a few good ones in celebration of Talin & Berch's nuptials.
Bridal Party all set to head to the church!
How adorable are these two? The handsome little guy is my cousin Daniel. 
My dad did a great job walking her down the aisle, minus when he first walked out and accidentally tripped on her dress. You could tell he was super nervous. So cute. Talin's dad couldn't make it, so my dad, her uncle, jumped in. Some people didn't even realize that he wasn't her dad since my Uncle and him are practically twins born a decade apart.
And they're married!

Cheers to the Happy Couple
my aunt from Germany showing her nieces some love
me and my daddio
Bride & Groom with their mommas
Bride & Groom with the bride's brother's family.
And then the party started...

As for me, I had a lot of fun. I'm glad I made it out to Jersey for the wedding. I felt like I traveled to another country with all that family around. I could tell that it meant the world for my cousin that my dad and I were there and that my dad got to walk her. It was also amazing to see my aunt and cousin, Alice, who came from Germany to be there for her. There wasn't as many family members as one would count but the amount of family love was overly abundant. It was heart warming. It made leaving Jersey very difficult. Knowing that I have cousins in the states that are so welcoming means the world to me.

Now it wouldn't be a trip without some silly shots
pre-wedding selfie all dolled up
selfie with the bride
after wedding selfie with my baby cousin, Hamparsum (aka mini me)

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