Thursday, January 2, 2014

Good Ol' Netflix

Netflix has brought me back to the joys of television. I remember a time when you had to be home in time to watch your favorite show or else you'd have to wait for the rerun to air. Then I went to college and never watched TV and now we're here.
Lets be honest. I am a very patient person and Netflix has morphed me into something else. Now, I go through shows a series at a time and then get withdrawals waiting for my DVR to catch the next episode. Thanks to Netflix, I'm now hooked on these shows and impatiently waiting for a new episode: Revenge, Scandel, Mad Men, Walking Dead, The Killing, House of Cards, & Orange is the New Black. All GREAT shows. If you're not on the bandwagon, I highly recommend them.

You could say that I'm definitely trying to fill the void of Pinkman and Heisenberg.

My favorite Breaking Bad meme posted by Aaron Paul after the series finale.

It's strange, if I started to watch a series on my own, I don't get this way. It's only the shows Netflix has allowed me to go through. I don't have this kind of impatience on shows like The Americans and American Horror Story.

If you haven't heard, Netflix updated its contract agreements on its movie library. Luckily, Dexter is a win with this update and we can all enjoy the remaining seasons till the end. Better be good! No one spoil it for me!

Thank you, Netflix, for making me a TV addict and deteriorating my patience level. :)

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