Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pinspiration: Burlap Banner DIY

One of my dearest college friends is getting married this June and I can't be more excited for her! Her bridal shower is just around the corner and the event planner in me is all over it. With a knack for details, DIY projects, and Pinspiration, my to do list is ever growing. One of the things I want to accomplish is this vision I have for a dessert table. So much a vision that I had to draw it out to explain to my friends what I want it to look like.
don't judge me for my doodles
With my DIY list growing, it was time to knock one off.
my kitchen table is my current work station

Mission: Love is Sweet banner for the dessert table. I could have made it easy for myself and bought one off of etsy, but decided easy is not my style nor personal. After much internal debate between using burlap, card stock, and stencils, these are the items I ended up using.
banner supplies
Who has time to cut burlap in multiple even pieces or anything for that matter? I would lose my mind. Burlap isn't the easiest thing to cut nor user friendly. Every time I use burlap, I realize why it's been so long since I had last used it... I'm pretty much allergic to it! I burst out in hives. While spending an extensive time looking for banner kits, card stocks and pre-cut banner sheets, I found Burlap paper at Jo-Ann Fabric. These were life savers. They were only $6 and the perfect size for me, 6" x 6". The only con to this item was that the sheets were not perforated, but that's nothing an exacto knife won't fix.
wish the sheets were perforated
Wondering where I found my pretty card stock? $1 bin at Jo-Ann Fabrics! They're notecards I cut in half. I love how they are embossed. It adds so much character! As for the letters, they're by Simple Surfaces found at Michaels. Each letter only cost 29¢! I liked them so much with their natural birch color that for the first time I didn't find the need to paint. After using Mod Podge to put all the pieces together, I set them out to dry.
All that remains is to punch some holes in the corners and string thru some twine. They'll soon be complete and ready to be hung! Can't wait to use it at the shower! I'll definitely post pictures from the event in a few weeks. Stay tuned for more of my DIY bridal shower decor series thanks to Pinspiration.

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