Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Funday: Getty Museum

The clouds have rolled in and I was woken up early on this Sunday morning to get our brunch on earlier than usual. One of my favorite local eateries for brunch is a place called Black Cow Cafe in Montrose. I love going on Sundays so that the long wait for seating is subsided by the farmers market. Coming out to Honolulu Street in Montrose always feels like you're traveling to a whole other place. These types of towns are incredibly rare in Southern California. It's a treat to be able to just walk through all these long standing local businesses and really see a community stick together.

I love reading/hearing the specials whenever dining out. So, of course I ventured away from my usual corn flake crusted french toast this morning and opted for a brand new added special. The waiter informed me that it was the first time they tried this dish out and let me tell you, I cleaned it up and had my friends feasting off my skillet as well.
Sweet Potato Spinach Sausage Skillet
alliteration delight
fresh squeezed orange juice and strawberry mimosa
Sunday Funday staples always include brunch. I wouldn't have it any other way.
Brunch goodness always needs a walk or adventure to treat the heavenly food coma I'm always in.

Today's venue was the Getty Museum. Personally, I love coming to the Getty just for the view alone. Admission is free everyday. My friend, Rachelle, will be moving further from LA soon and prior to that move we want to get as many of her LA bucket list activities concurred. The Getty was on her list. Although it was cloudy today, we still could see all of LA.
We found some classic Van Gogh and Monet paintings on view.
group selfie with Iris by Van Gogh
my favorite of the day: Loom with Weaver by Van Gogh
One of my favorite things to see at the Getty is the garden. It's so peaceful and rich in color. Completely understandable to want to lay out on the lawn all day out here.
pennies to capture our wishes
bougainvillea arbors
Another obsession of mine has to be succulents. I'm a notorious plant killer but succulents make me content and less guilty of neglect. Succulents are like beta fishes: easy to maintain and long living. Look at all the pretty rare succulents I came across.

Alright, enough with my succulent display of succulents.
Well, hello there!
Hope everyone had a great Sunday Funday! If you're not on the Sunday Funday bandwagon, get on it! Next weekend is Super Bowl Sunday. Even if you don't watch football like me, grab some friends and have a blast watching men run around and of course those awesome commercials and half time show. This is probably one of my favorite teasers out so far. Can't get enough of the Full House throwbacks.

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