Sunday, January 12, 2014

Saturday Night Culture: Highland Park Art Walk

Highland Park, CA was once a rugged historic city in Los Angeles where the Avenue gangs ruled the streets and where the first Forever 21 store opened as Fashion 21. Flash forward to today and all you see is the up in coming vintage, cultural and hipster local shops. Part of the cultural urban revolution in LA, Highland Park hosts its own art walk on the second Saturday of every month with NELA Organization.

Here's a flash of their first art walk of the year:


My observations: lots of hipsters, I thought I was in Portland for a second, how do some of these shops survive, Dodger pride, Dia de los Muertos/sugar skulls all year round, Frida Kahlo lives on, art Yoda loves, art transforms communities, Johnny's for drinks and The York for grub.
See you next month.

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