Monday, January 27, 2014

Working Hard Has Its iMac Sized Perks

So excited to share that I'm writing this post from my new iMac! Even more exciting to share that this cost me nothing! Yep, I got this bad boy for free!

I don't know about you, but I think my work has some awesome benefits. Outside of the usual health and 401K benefits, we have a system where we can earn what's called Real Recognition points for working on special projects and whatnot. You can use these points to shop in their wide selection catalog of products. When they started the program and I first started getting points, I bought myself a Kindle Fire. I didn't think I'd earn that many points going forward, but in my last position, I accrued many many points; a thousand points plus to be exact. It was awesome. I hoarded the points with an iMac as my goal.

Wondering what I did to get that many points? Well, in my case, I dated a really horrible douchebag that basically shut me down and turned me off from dating for a bit. I used my time more strategically and focused more on my career and bettering myself. I worked hard to make a name for myself and took on more projects than ever. My work didn't go unnoticed, hence the plethora of awesome points that made its way into my account and landed me this beauty.
can you guess what I was listening to?
You may have caught that I said "my last position" above. I transitioned to a new role at work in October. It's a role that I've wanted for a long time and worked hard to get to. If I hadn't pushed myself these past two years with all those projects, I don't think I would have landed this new gig. All in all, I would say that dating that douchebag has done me a lot of good. They say with every relationship there is something to be learned. Trust me, I learned a lot from that one, but sitting and crying over spilled rotten milk will get you nowhere. I chose to hop on over to Tamarland and make it a better place. I'm happy to say that I love where I am in my life. This millennialista is about working hard and enjoying its benefits, like this iMac. How else would I get to splurge on my shopping extravaganzas, adventures in and out of LA, and all those fabulous Sunday Fundays?!
**Disclaimer: Dating douchebags does not guarantee you furthering your career nor get you an iMac. Get off your ass and do something more meaningful than dating a loser!

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