Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New Resolutions

Well, hello there! Happy New Year! I hope you had a marvelous 2013 and wish you a fabulous 2014! In the spirit of new beginnings, I find myself starting the year with something new... this blog! I'm a lover of many things especially sharing my fab finds, desires, and interests.

Here's my 2013 Resolution recap:
  • Learn Spanish : FAIL I do, however, say the phrase "no bueno" far too often.That should count for something, right?
  • Travel to a new state: SUCCESS
    My bestie and I road tripped to Portland from LA with Yoda
  • Build something: FAIL I attempted making the LOVE shelf that has been circulating on Pinterest. I'm close to finishing, just not done yet. Once completed, I will definitely share my triumph.
Some of my highlights of the year included getting a new position at work, visiting my grandparents in Holland, enjoying a Dodger game at the Lexus Dugout Club, catching Third Eye Blind at the HOB Sunset, and dancing with Joseph Gordon Levitt. 
With Hall of Famer Tommy Lasorda

Ya, that's totally me behind JGL in the dance circle

New Year, New Resolutions... Here's my 2014 Resolution list:
  • Start a blog and keep up with it! I'd like to say I'm already off to a great start with this one. ;)
  • Strengthen my knee. I'm giving myself a SMART goal to use my stationary bike at home more often. *Bike the distance of Route 66 by EOY.* That's 2,451 miles! I told my coworker this, and he said it's not Realistic. What was my reaction? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. I mean, if you break it down, it's a little less that 7 miles a day., which should translate to an episode of Dexter a day (seasons 5-8 just got added to Netflix). Who am I kidding? I'm obsessed with Dexter and will finish that series within the week.

Route 66

  • Travel to a new state. I feel like this will always be on my list until I can cross off  "visit all 50 states" from my bucket list. So far, I'm at 19 states.
  • Participate in another half-marathon. My one lonely medal needs some friends.
  • Learn to use that sewing machine I bought on Black Friday in 2012 that has now just gathered dust. 
I've shared with you some of my resolutions. What are yours?

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