Monday, February 17, 2014

A Week of Musical Love

When others fest in their love for one another, I engulf myself into my love... music. This past week has been a fun change of pace with two concerts within the week. I pushed my "old lady" and "tomorrow's a work day" excuses out the window and went back to my old routine of over abundance of concerts. My love for live music is immeasurable. I have been to so many concerts, I've lost count. I have boxes upon boxes filled with ticket stubs. Here's another two to add to my collection.

St. Lucia @ The El Rey.
Wow! I've been hooked on St. Lucia for awhile now so I was definitely looking forward to seeing them live. My Pandora station has been on them for months now and I love how all the bands I love stream through. Oh, and the El Rey... one of my favorite venues in LA, others being the Hollywood Bowl and The Wiltern.
With Conway as the opening act, I had two immediate thoughts: wow, she sounds so much like Gwen Stefani and déjà vu to a scene of Pretty in Pink. From her outfit to the jams, it gave the vibes of definite flashback to fun times.
I can't wait till I see St. Lucia again. It was such an awesome show. I sang my heart out with the rest of the fans, per usual, and danced around.
St. Lucia
Something I've always wanted but never had til that evening was my very first Dirty Dog tasting. Don't know what a Dirty Dog is? As my youngin coworker defines it "oh that hot dog I devour on the cab ride back to my apartment after the bars." Oh you know, these carts that line the late night streets of LA near bars, clubs, and music venues.
I can't believe how long I've been without this late night treat! Yummz. Bacon!!
I know I look ridiculous but it was delicious.
Sons of the Sea @ The Belasco Theater
Haven't heard of them? Don't be surprised. I wouldn't have either if TicketMaster didn't broadcast their calendar with "Brandon Boyd with Sons of the Sea." Anything with the mentioning of Brandon Boyd captures my attention immediately. Five minutes after seeing the email, tickets were purchased and a fellow Incubus loving friend became my accomplice. Eagerly waiting for the day to see Brandon Boyd on stage again, we counted the days down. Once we arrived at the venue, there was a line 3 blocks down to enter. No joke, doors opened at 8PM and we witnessed this lengthy line at around 8:15PM and had no choice but to join in.
Literally in a sea of die hard Incubus fans, we awaited for Brandon and enjoyed the tunes from DJ Kilmore.

Ohh, Brandon. We've missed you so. If you didn't know who you were seeing, you would have thought you were at an Incubus concert- just with new tunes that no one knows.
And now for the good stuff, Brandon shirtless. *sigh*

Someone was getting tired. We're getting a bit old for GA weeknight shows. haha
I'm just proud I survived the night in my booties. Definitely broken in now.

My concert bug has kicked in. Need to go to more shows! Sad I missed Band of Horses acoustic set this week, but there will be more chances and more shows soon enough. After deciding to pass on Coachella, I'm eagerly anticipating the Eager Beaver ticket sales and lineup announcement for Outside Lands in August at Golden Gate Park. For now, I can only wait patiently and scope out upcoming local shows. Till next time...

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