Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Mementos

Happy Valentine's Day!

As many couples feel obligated to celebrate their love today, I decided to send love to my fellow single friends. Everybody deserves to have some love sent their way, even on a Hallmark holiday.
Over the weekend, I stumbled upon these adorable postcards at Paper Source and couldn't help but purchase them. Snail mail is a small but empowering joy to receive. Simple little things can truly brighten someone's day, at least I hope so. Hopefully, they made their way to their appropriate mailboxes today.
As I sent out some fun Valentine cheer, I received goodies at work. These definitely brought a smile to my face.
I have to admit, one of my favorite things received today was this text image. Who couldn't laugh and love that?! Of course I decided to forward the love onward and received messages like "#instantforwardtothread" and "woah that's a lot of love."
Many people receive flowers and chocolates today more than ever. I, on the other hand, decided to buy myself something that I love. I absolutely LOVE the LOVE sign by Robert Indiana. I also have a love for Rebecca Minkoff bags. What happens when you put them together? A purchase to complete me.
Rebecca Minkoff 'New York' Travel Pouch
Love Park, PA
Hope everyone had a great day! Know that you are loved now and forever.

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