Tuesday, February 18, 2014

DVF - Journey of a Dress

The prints! The colors! The wraps! 40 years of amazingness! A fashionista's Heaven.
Diane von Furstenberg is celebrating 40 years of her wrap dress. What better place to showcase her designs than at the old May Co. building on the corner of Wilshire and Fairfax, which is now part of LACMA West. Exhibit runs through April 1st and is free of admission. Must see for all the fashionistas and divas of the world.
As soon as you enter, you are consumed by blown up images of her work through the years.

The illumated sign makes you giddy with delight of what's next to come.
Mannequins upon mannequins lined up with 40 years of wrap dresses from DVF.
Prints everywhere, especially on the floors and walls. You can't help but have major selfie photoshoot moments, so please excuse my postings...
getting caught up in the journey
Andy Warhol. What can I say? I love his work. I remember back when I was in NY and at the MET, I got lucky as there was the 'Regarding Warhol' exhibit. As tired as we were and having found the exhibit in the end, I was not calling it a day till I got to experience all of his work. A print I don't recall seeing was him capturing Diane von Furstenberg.
so iconic
 A feature that I loved, and that I'm seeing more of, was that there was a photo print station. If you used the hastag #journeyofadress on Instagram, you could request to have your photo printed. Whether you kept it for yourself or you posted it on the wall, it was fun to have.
can you spot ours?
Not going to lie, we were completely dedicated to catching the #iamsorry exhibit at the Stephen Cohen Gallery, where Shia Labeouf was reportedly found having cried from all the harsh words. This exhibit was a mile away and we drove by, but the long line outside and the grumblings in our stomachs allowed us to skip that venture and move on to dinner. Dinner location of choice: Little Next Door.
Delicious french dishes and hibiscus champagne.
We capped off the night off with this amazing chocolate soufflé. Yumm to infinity. Along side delicious crème anglaise, I wish I could have this dessert everyday.
I'd pick that chocolate soufflé over making Shia Labeouf cry anyday.

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