Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happiest Place on Earth

Disney time!

I went to Disneyland this past Saturday with friends and had an amazing day. Something I've wished for came true. Yes, you guessed it. I met Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. Oddly enough, over the years people have randomly mentioned how I resemble Princess Jasmine. How you can resemble a cartoon, I don't understand. I'll gladly admit that I took the Buzzfeed quiz on which Disney Princess I am and I got Jasmine. That's right; we're like the same person! If it's on Buzzfeed than you know it's true. I once dated a guy who admitted to me in his drunk stupor that he had a HUGE crush on Princess Jasmine and that he likes me more because of our resemblance. Of course I continued to go out with him because of that comment for a little while longer. 
I was pretty content with the day after this glorious moment.

Last time the three of us girls went to Disneyland together was the day before our college graduation. I may have gotten myself into a verbal argument with a Prince regarding taking a picture with Belle. This time we caught a break and met Princess Belle. Glad I didn't have to fight with anyone to capture this moment. Disney jail doesn't sound like an enticing idea.
Thanks to Saving Mr. Banks, the current generation is now aware of who this awesome couple is! Poor kidos missed out on the Dick Van Dyke action we grew up with.

I don't think anyone can really have a bad time at Disneyland. We got to go on all our favorite rides except Splash Mountain, which was closed for renovations. I even had candy on me in case I needed to bribe a crying child for any reason. Looks like I have running theme in all these photos. It must really mean that I was having a great time.
Tower of Terror
Cars Land
California Screamin'
Space Mountain
Did you know this is the most expensive Mickey on the grounds costing about $10K. Can you find it?
Made of Mother of Pearl
Possibly the cutest thing I found.
We strategically scheduled our time to catch the World of Color show as well as the Fireworks. Running from park to park is exhausting, yet I still wish I had a season pass.
World of Color
Magic Castle
What's your favorite Disney memory? Meeting Aladdin has truly made it's way to the top of my list.

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