Monday, February 17, 2014

Showers of Love in Santa Barbara

In the spirit of this past week of Love, let's talk bridal showers.

When you have a friend getting married, sometimes it doesn't really hit you till you see the rock on her finger in person, she texts you a picture of her dress, you attend her shower or bachelorette, or maybe when you see her walk down the aisle. Either way, it will hit you soon enough and when it does it will hit you HARD.

Last Saturday was Christina's Bridal Shower. With slight change of plans due to some sprinkles in the sky (we moved everything indoors), I think her shower went without a hitch. Everyone had an amazing time and you could tell that she was glowing. A few months away from the big day and just watching her be showered with all that love and excitement, she was utterly glowing... and that's when it hit me. My college roomie is getting married!!!!!!! The simplest action in just watching her happily open her gifts as I sat to the side putting the bows and ribbons together to make a bouquet did it really hit me as to what was really happening. This only confirms the fact that I will definitely be crying as I stand beside her when she gets married.
Bride with her Momma
You may have seen a few of my DIY shower decor in previous posts and wondered what I was doing or thinking. Well, this is how we put it to use:
Tulle Wreath
LOVE signs & flowers for table decor.
DIY on burlap runners
Love is Sweet banner

Remember the dessert table doodle I previously made? Well, never underestimate my execution. Whatever vision I set forth is what I aim to bring to life. I think this came out beautiful. What do you think? We had a red velvet cake, fudge squares, Abuelita chocolate cheesecake bars, Armenian nazook cookies, french macaroons, chocolate chip cookies and Crunch hearts.
The shower was later in the afternoon so we had light appetizers and fun beverage choices. It's always nice to have a specialty cocktail and the non-alcoholic version for your guests. 
Champagne toasts always make a nice touch. We were blessed to have the maid of honor and mother of the bride share sweet sentiments.
What's a shower without games? Some find it silly; we found it tons of fun.
Grandma knows best. Trying to win.
The toilet paper bride game can sometimes be a hit or miss depending on the crowd. So happy the guests were happy to play. It turned out to be a hit!
Such beautiful brides!
With games comes prizes. We decided to mix things up and had different gifts for different winners, but all wrapped nice and pretty.
Can't believe how quick it all went by. Next thing you know we'll be out having a blast at the Bachelorette party and then celebrating with Christina and Kenny at their nuptials in Lake Tahoe! Can't wait!

Love you, Steenie!

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  1. All of your decorations turned out beautiful! My favorite is the "Love is Sweet" sign.